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Follow along in our process that we take each of our clients through to create the very best content for your business's needs. 

Our process is easy to follow for any video project we take on.

Our process is proven to work for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our team will work directly with you throughout
the entire video process.

Kickoff Call
At the very beginning, we start by discussing your project needs and how 10:10 can help you accomplish those needs

Focus on discovering exactly what kind of content you need to achieve your goal whether that is 1 single video or a whole campaign

10:10 handles the planning process including scripting, storyboarding, shot plans, location scouting, etc.

10:10 works on bringing your vision to life

10:10 goes through the editing process including music, VFX, SFX,
Graphics, and more

We work on filling out a comprehensive questionnaire worksheet to fully understand you and your audience for optimal results

First Approval
You approve the ideas you like

Second Approval
You approve all plans before production begins

Third Approval
Final check before we move on to post

Reviews & Revisions
Go through a review process to fine-tune the final deliverables

Video Complete!

From here, we analyze and measure results based on methods established beforehand to strategize on how to improve and what to do for the next project.

To get started,


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